It starts

It’s been kind of a loong, slow slide into fatness for me. 8 years ago, after faithful months of gym-going, I clocked in at a svelte 131 pounds (for my 5’8″ height). As of right now, age 30, I’m floating anywhere from 166-170. How did it get this bad?

I think the final straw was the boots. A week ago I ordered some awesome Frye’s boots after careful selection and awaited them with bated breath. I’d read the reviews carefully – girls my height said they were a little tight at first but once broken in after a wear or two, fit like a glove. The upper opening was a generous 15 inches around – that should be enough for anyone, right?

Wrong – I couldn’t get them all the way up my pudgy calves. The leather buckled in an unflattering cankle as I pulled and tugged and sweat and strained, trying to force the boot shaft up over my leg. I had to face reality – my legs were too fat for the boots.

It was kind of like an epiphany. In my youth, I was an avid runner – I ran all day long, literally, usually barefoot and pretending I was a racehorse. Could I recapture that? My recent stints at running (over the last 3 years or so) have been sporatic, inconsistent slow-paced treadmill dirges that I never keep at long enough to make a discernible difference. But my ever-increasing weight, clothes that were ceasing to fit, and finally THE BOOTS pushed me to the edge.

I’m going to pick up running again. And beyond that, my goal is to run a 5k (3 mile) event by the end of this summer. I don’t care if I come in last, gasping and dragging myself across the finish line. I’m going to DO it.

So I bought a pair of running shoes, quickly realized they were the wrong kind for me (I’m an over-pronator… not an under-pronator) and bought another pair. (Want my old ones?) I found a great “Couch Potato to 5k” running plan that I’m havingย  a hard time following as I want to do a lot more than it suggests, i.e. try to run for the entire 30 min on the treadmill. I have noticed though that my speed while running is usually a paltry 3.5 mph, and if I follow this guide I might even be able to run a full 5k in 30 minutes by the end of 9 weeks…. here’s hoping!

In addition I signed up for 3 “boot camp” sessions at a local gym… the first is Monday at 6pm and I’m both excited and terrified to get my arse kicked.

I’m not shooting for anything unrealistic.. I’d love to get down to 145 or 140 and would be completely happy with that…. and I’d love to fit into my boots ;)


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