Today’s progress…

I hit up the gym right after work and snagged the first treadmill in the row, remembering at that moment that I’d forgotten my headphones AGAIN. Ah, well…. noiseless TV channels for me. I originally had lofty goals of running at a solid 4 mph the entire time, but that proved to be a bit too much off one week of running at 3.4, so I ended up alternating with a 2 minutes of walking every 7-10 minutes or so. About halfway through the run I noticed my brand-new-Asics shoes were pressing strangely into the “arch” of my foot (I’m terribly flat-footed so there’s not much arch to speak of), a feeling which intensified to that of being poked in the middle of my foot every time I stepped down. (I checked out comments on the shoe online afterward and only then found this little gem: “Make sure to break in the shoes before you use them. I got huge blisters that lasted a couple of weeks because I did too much too quick. Now my feet are fine and no more blisters on my feet when I run, but it did take a while.” Live and learn!) by the end of the 30-min run I wasn’t too keen on even walking in the shoes.

Sure enough after I got home I pulled everything off my feet to find a neat stripe of blister on the arch of each foot. Breaking-in aside, I think I could probably tighten the shoes a little more next time I wear them as my heels seemed to be rising and falling inside the shoes with each step, which probably didn’t help the issue.

I think tomorrow I’ll hit up the elliptical machine to both break in the shoes a little more and avoid high-impact running on my brand new shiny blisters.

Weight today: 166

Consumed: grande no whip white chocolate mocha, peanut butter balance bar, starbux oatmeal with brown sugar, tall hazelnut latte, trader joe’s channa masala microwave lunchies, dark cherry lowfat yogurt, “banilla” protein drink, water, PB&J on oat wheat bread, small cup of cottage cheese.

Hrm, methinks I need to re-evaluate my calories as well… they add up so quickly x_x 2 coffees a day is eating up about 400-500 calories right there o_O Time to go nonfat I guess.. ugh! Why do the tasty things have to be so FATTENING!



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