Couch-to-5k week 3-2: Augh

I did 30 min on the treadmill today (after visting a local running store to get an assessment on my shoes – apparently they were too small) and tried to up the speed, essentially following Week 3 of the Couch-to-5k running plan. I did most of the running around 4.5 mph and the walking at 3.5. (I cheated and ran the last 5 minutes at 4mph, though). About halfway through the run I could feel my blisters beginning to flare and by the end it was sharp stabbing blisterpain in my arches again. I suppose I should have popped the original ones before I returned to the treadmill today…

Needless to say they are now larger, and very angry. Ow. Is it ok to run on painful blisters?

Still not sure if I’m ever going to be able to build up the endurance to do a 5k. My legs seem fine while I run but my feet ache and tense up and hurt (beyond just the blistering). Not sure if this is due to running on a treadmill (I’ve noticed I don’t run as “freely” on one) so I may try actually running outside this weekend if it’s not raining. It could be my flat feet getting used to shoes with arch support and/or getting used to running after such a long period of inactivity. I also haven’t really broken in my shoes properly.. maybe it’s a case of all of the above? Anyway, I hope it gets better, not having my feet constantly hurt while I run will definitely improve morale.

Off to shower and bed…


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