Get up, get on up

I’m officially signing up for the Seattle 5k Marathon (Nov 27th) today. I figure if I go ahead and plunk down the $25 entrance fee now, that gives me financial incentive to continue training and working for the goal. I have 6 months to pull this off… I’m feeling good about it.

Of course the first thing I wanted to do was go out and buy a bunch of shiny new running gearz… gotta look the part, right?! right?! OK maybe not, and maybe I don’t NEED fancy expensive sweat-wicking shirts and undergarments, but maybe if I have the gear, I’ll be motivated even more, yea? >_> I shopped around a bit and got a pair of running capris, a running tank top, and some running socks (my poor feet will hopefully appreciate the effort)… I figure eventually I will need to get some running leggings and/or a jacket (the 5k is in November, in Seattle, at 8:30am…. I’d say there’sΒ  a fairly high chance that it will be raining and/or freezing :P), but since I will likely be losing weight if I stick with this, I don’t wanna go out and buy a bunch of expensive running clothes to fit my fat self, only to have them chafe and get too loose if I drop some poundage.

So, I must resist the temptation to shop online….. resisssstttt…..


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