Seems impossible…

My feets hurt today. Le ow. Additionally I realized that if I want to run a 30Β  minute 5k, I’m going to have to run it at a 10 mile/min pace – i.e. 6mph. considering I get tired right now running 3 minutes at 4.5mph, that seems like a loooooong ways off.

I recently discovered Hal Higdon’s novice 5k training plan, which is a little different than the couch-to-5k plan I’ve been working on, with some similarities. I may try to combine the two and do the couch-5k workouts on Hal’s walk/run days.

I’m still waaaay at the beginning of this venture so there’s no sense getting all ahead of myself. Today will be a rest day and tomorrow I hope to actually hit the road and jog/walk around my neighborhood… here’s hoping my feet feel a little better by then. I don’t have a stopwatch or a heart rate monitor yet so I will mostly just go by time and try to get out for at least 30 min.

Monday I have my first “boot camp” session at a local gym – I hear it’s a total butt kicker!

Oh, I also noticed I lost 3 pounds when I stepped on the scale this morning… I’m not sure if that’s water variance (I tend to fluctuate a lot) or actual weight loss, but I’m “down” to 163. Gotta start somewhere. If I can lose 15-20 pounds overall during this venture I will be happy.


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