Couch-to-5k week 3-3: Don’t know if I can do this…

Ugh. I just ran my first couch-to-5k workout outside and it was PAINFUL.

The arches of my feet hurt literally every step of the way. When I was running, anyway. They would feel ok for about 10 seconds but then ACHE for the rest of the time interval. (I’m doing C25k week 3 exercises – so a 5 min warmup walk, then 2 min of jogging, 2 min of walking, 3 min of jogging, 3 min of walking, repeat twice). The right foot was worse but I think I had tied that shoe slightly too tight, so I may be able to remedy some of that. Aside from that, though, I don’t know what could be causing it – I’m using the shoes the folks at the running store recommended after watching me run down the block, I’m using running socks and not running too fast (I felt like I was crawling along, actually) – why do my feet hurt so much?! I had on a North Face fleece jacket which I regretted right away, but I didn’t have any other way to carry my keys and cellphone (which I was using as a timer) – so that can probably be changed by getting a wristwatch/heart rate monitor and a proper running jacket or pants with pockets.

My calves ached a little during the “run” too but that’s to be expected given my fitness level. One thing I should mention is I skipped week one and 2 of the C25k plan entirely since I had been going to the gym for about 2 weeks, working on the ellipticals and jogging very slowly (around 3.4 speed) for 30 min – so I thought I was up to starting off around week 3 of the C25k plan. Was that a bad call? I think my feet would still be hurting regardless.

The thought of running outside constantly for 30+ min (a la a 5k race) seems really impossible right now. I have to keep going.. maybe it’s just my feet aren’t used to hauling my fat arse around like this anymore.

I keep reading runners’ blogs who talk about how awesome they feel when they run and how amazing it is and how they could go on and on and on, but I just want to die right now when I run, between my gasping breaths and my aching feet. Maybe someday I will get to that point of loving it but that is a looong way off. I have to keep at it. At least my blisters didn’t come back!

Oh, also, my weight had gone back up to 166 so that was a nice little slap last night when I stepped on the scale. Sigh.

I’m really glad I gave myself until November before my first 5k race…


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