Oh the pain…

So boot camp last night was brutal. Really brutal. As in, eye-openingly revealing of my total lack of fitness brutal. The trainer was nice and kind of realized I was a few steps back of most of the other girls in the class and gave me a break. (One bonus – I wore my running shoes, and as a test, I loosened them up quite a bit, only tying the very top a little more tight, by my ankles – and while I was running around the block as part of the workout, various parts of my body were definitly hurting, but my feet were not among them! YAY! It did feel a little more slidey-slidey as opposed to tying my shoes super tight but I’ll take slidey over painful any day. Anyway)

By the end of it I was slightly lightheaded and feeling like I wanted to barf. Once home, I posted on twitter that I felt like fail and the trainer responded nicely that you gotta start somewhere and I should keep at it…. which I will! I swears it! But I think I’ll save my other two boot camp class passes for later this year, after I have built up some miles under me with the couch-to-5k program.. and maybe by that point I’ll get something more out of the bootcamp class than just aching muscles and the desire to die. haha

And man, I am sore today. If you are in shape and want to get your butt kicked and live in the Seattle area I highly recommend that class. If you are not in shape like me, I recommend trying it anyway…. hahah.

I’m hoping to do my couch-to-5k week 3.1 run (redux) today after work; my legs are pretty sore but I’m just going to try to take it slow and not wuss out and start walking when my muscles ache. Running seems to be 80% mind over matter when it comes to just keeping on, one foot in front of the other, and I know I can do it, I just need to DO it, and fight the urge to bail.

It’s gonna be a long slow process but I’m determined.

I really want to get back to running the park trails around here… there’s one that is 2.8 miles long (almost a 5k!) and has a lot of variety – lots of hills of various sizes, some straight stretches, meadow running, covered foresty parts, and peaceful surroundings. It’s a pretty popular trail around here with runners and walkers so I feel somewhat more safe tackling that alone, but my lil bro just told me he signed up for the Seattle Marathon 5k in November, so maybe I can get him to run it with me! :D 4 years ago I used to “run” that trail with a boyfriend and at the time we broke up (and I stopped running it) I had just gotten to the point where I could run the whole trail without walking, albeit slowly at times. If I can get back to that point I will be pretty happy, cause it’s not much farther than that to finish a 5k, and the Seattle 5k won’t have nearly the amount of tough hills!

I’m feeling inspired… gotta keep this feeling goin! I can duu eeeet!


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