Couch-to-5k week 3-1 redux – slight improvement!

So last night I went out for a repeat of week 3-1 of the C25k program. I got these new running capris from New Balance that have POCKETS so I was able to lug my keys along, though the sound of them jingling in my pocket the whole time got pretty annoying. I also somewhat regret getting the pants in Large as they were HUGE on me (I’m used to buying women’s clothes that are designed to be skintight and always ordering a size or 2 bigger so I don’t look like a stuffed sausage)… but they were comfy!

I don’t yet have my nifty ipod armband and stay-put headphones so I hit the streets sans-podcast. I decided I would just walk for a few minutes to warm up and then jog as far as I could, then alternate walking and jogging.

It actually went pretty well – I ran a lot farther than I thought I would. I realized a lot of my wussiness comes in when my legs start to ache, but my lungs/breathing were doing fine, so I pushed on through the aches and kept running. My feet didn’t hurt (YAY!) but my calves and shins complained (I’m likely cooking up a batch of shin splints… we shall see). I think I probably made it around half a mile and down to the starbucks and gas stations in my neighborhood before looping around and walking for a little while. I felt pretty good overall though and sprinted the last few blocks back to my house to stagger through the door and stretch on the floor in a panting heap. Overall it was an improvement from last time and if I keep going forward maybe I will get to the point where running is actually enjoyable and I’m not distracted by my aching legs. I keep hearing about this mythical “zone” and oh how I would like to hit it! Having mah songs in tow will help, too… can’t wait for that crap to show up!

Tonight I’m just gonna do some Wii Fit yoga (will be nice to stretch out; my arms and back are pretty sore still from bootcamp I think, my legs are mostly ok though my shins are getting a little testy) and give my muscles a bit of a break… tomorrow it’ll be Couch-to-5k week 3 run 2, at the gym this time! yaaay treadmills!


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