Couch-to-5k week 3.2 redux: Feeling pretty good!

I hit up the gym after work today and decided I would push myself a little bit more than I have been doing. This is still the walk 5 min, then jog 2 min, walk 2 min, jog 3 min, walk 3 min, repeat, cooldown part of the plan, and I did all the walking at 3.5 mph and the running I upped to 4.7mph, which according to the treadmill was about a 12 min mile – so I’m not far off from a 10-min-mile pace! I tried to relax as much as possible and make my steps as light as I could and I was feeling good. When the time would come to walk I wasn’t gasping and slogging into it like I’d never jogged in my life, and in fact the walking seemed to be reaaaallly slooooow. I managed to keep this up throughout the 30 minutes and even practiced kicking up my heels a bit more (I feel kind of like I just sluff my feet along) for the last running bit.

Afterward I stretched for a few minutes and then meandered back to the locker room feeling pretty good, my legs weren’t sore at all and I’ve pretty much beaten the foot pain (though I do feel like I’m sliding in the shoes a little bit still). And MAN do I need to get some new capri running pants… these new balance ones are comfy but they seriously add 20 pounds. I caught myself in the big weight lifting mirror on the way downstairs and wanted to gag. I hear the spandexy capris are best but I think I will save the world from that view of my flabby bum until I’ve been running awhile longer :P

I also redid my running playlist somewhat after the difficulties I wrote about earlier and this is what I have now:

1. I ran (so far away) – Flock of Seagulls
2. Heart of the country – Paul McCartney
3. Be more – Paul Dateh
4. Telephone – Lady Gaga (short version :P)
5. Don’t stop till you get enough – Michael Jackson
6. Man we was lonely – Paul McCartney
7. Dead man (carry me) – Jars of Clay
8. Starstruck – Lady Gaga (I love the video I have linked here YAY Zenyatta)
9. Harder, better, faster, stronger – Daft Punk (another sweet vid)
10. Womanizer – Britney Spears
11. Nausea – Beck
12. Withered hope – They Might Be Giants (awesome dancy TMBG song)
13. Bills, bills, bills – Jonathan Coulton (vid is a live version, I was at this show!)
14. Top 40 remix – Paul Dateh (awesome vid, srsly go watch it)
15. Hello – Bill Hilly Band (sadly cannot find a vid of this)
16. Single Ladies – Beyonce
17. Mrs. Vanderbilt – Paul McCartney (vid is a live version – I was at this show too! :O)
18. Hide and seek – Namie (bonus: here is a SWEET wow vid set to this song, and I mean sweet)
19. Let em run – Bill Hilly Band
20. Check the rhime – Tribe Called Quest
21. Poker face – Lady Gaga
22. Toxic – Britney Spears
23. The fixer – Pearl Jam
24. Come as you were – the Bird and the Bee (such a floaty ethereal bouncy song)
25. Blood on the dance floor – Michael Jackson
26. Bodysnatchers – Radiohead
27. Space suit – They Might Be Giants (awesome cooldown song… haha)

YAy! so hopefully this works a little better :D AS you can tell my taste in music is kind of all over the place, I pretty much like everything but country, gangsta rap, soft cheesy rock, and that kind of thing.. pretty much anything else I’ll give a listen to :>


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