Well the original plan was to do some Wii Fit yoga last night on my “off night” but I ended up playing some WoW instead. Yes, I am a nerd. Funny how a few weeks ago, an evening sitting around on my arse not doing much of anything wouldn’t bother me at all, but now I feel like I’m seriously slacking off and my slight gains in fitness are oozing out my body with every minute I sit still. Tonight though I have Couch-to-5k week 3.2 planned at the gym, so I will be run/walking around 2 miles hopefully on the Very Exciting Treadmill.

Another thing that threw me off was I’d forgotten my folks were coming to town for a show and wanted to take me to dinner. I had some totally awesome pasta and I’ll just pretend it was carb loading for my workout today! ha.

I kind of got freaked out when I realized if I ever want to finish a 5k in 30 min I’m going to have to run 10 minute miles, aka about 6 mph. Right now going 4.5 mph for 3 minutes is kinda rough so I’m a little worried about that. I’m just trusting that as the weeks go by and I keep building up mileage my speed will slowly increase, too.

This morning on the bus I queued up the running playlist I made earlier on my ipod to give it a test (not a test run… a test sit I guess, haha) and quickly realized that some songs, while catchy/ peppy/inspiring, would be somewhat difficult to run to. How can it be hard to run to a song you ask, you just listen to it! Well… back in high school I was a proud member of marching band. Yes, I am a nerd, we already established this fact when I talked about my wow playing. But anyway, one of the first basic things you learn in marching band is how to march in time to the beat of the music. Your left foot is your lead food and always hits the ground on the downbeat (i.e. the 1 and 3 of a song in 4/4 time for example). AfterΒ  years of marching this little habit is engrained in me, and even now when walking around town, if I hear a song playing, I can’t help but start walking in time with it.

So obviously, when running, my natural tendency is to want to run in time to whatever I’m listening to (and yes this may be a habit I need to break as I can see that seriously messing with my natural stride, heh). And for some reason I had “Take Five” by the Dave Brubeck Trio on my running playlist. Cool song to be sure, but le gasp! It’s in 5/4 time. I dare you to run in time with that and always have your left foot land on the downbeat. Unless there’s some hop-skippin goin on, it’s not happening.

SO… I may need to edit my playlist a bit. Or break my weird band habits.

In other news I got my ipod armband thing and now I’m eagerly awaiting my new headphones so that I can cruise with the tunes. I think also that I need to stop buying things as I’m barely 3 weeks into running and already have bought a crap ton of stuff… I would hide my credit card but I have the number memorized >_<


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