stuff I’d like to buy… running-wise of course!

Now that I’ve actually had a workout that left me feeling good and encouraged afterward, and today is payday of all things, I’m shopping around for running gear I’d like to get. I think I need a decent pair of shorts and some new capris (maybe of the spandex variety) since the ones I just got, while comfortable, make me look about 30 pounds heavier. I also want to get an ifitness belt to pack my crap around in and some long-sleeved running shirts.

Shorts: looking at potentially these or these but probably these until I lose a little more weight and my legs aren’t so hideous. These are nice loose ones.
Capris: I like these underarmour ones and also these NB ones.
iFitness belt: do want!
Long sleeved shirts: really like the look of this one and I’ve heard this one is nice as well.
Sports bra: heard great stuff about this one.
This headband is kind of cool too!
Short-sleeve shirts: like this Nike one or this one… I need to find some better ones than the fatty-looking NB ones I got.

Update, I just ordered the sports bra in green and I’m excited! :D I’ve been using one I got at American Eagle a few years ago and I do not think it was quite meant for a lot of sweaty activity… it hasn’t chafed me or anything yet but you never know.

Update 2… I just bought the belt as well… darn you, payday. Well now I really have to stick with running since I’ve invested so much in it already >_>


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