Couch-to-5k week 3.3 redux: progress… kind of?

Well, I braved the elements and ran outside (after a 30-min Wii Fit yoga session.. the Wii told me I was up to 167, aiiiiirrgghh!)… I was feeling pretty sluggish and lethargic, which I think I can chalk up to having sat around for 4 daysย  – the last time I ran was at the gym on Thursday, when I was feeling really good. It makes me frustrated, though – if I really want to make progress and make it to my goal of running in 5ks I’m going to have to work a lot harder and stop slacking off with so many “rest” days. My legs ached and the arch of my right foot was getting a little annoyed again which hopefully is due to the 4 days off.

But afterward I made a totally delicious berry smoothie (loosely based off this recipe) that I should have taken a picture of – it was soo good! I used:

1 banana
2 cups of frozen mixed berries (probably could have gone with 1 cup, heh)
1 cup nonfat milk
1 cup nonfat greek yogurt (I used honey flavor since that’s what I had, but plain would work too)
handful of raw baby spinach

I blended it to mush and voila! Delicious smoothie! The spinach greenness was totally overpowered by the berries and the smoothie was a nice purple color. A little thick, but tastyyy! Wish I had a picture to share… maybe next time >_>

I’m off to Niketown to see if I can find some better-fitting running shirts that I actually want to wear and don’t make me feel like a walrus, and maybe a running jacket so I have no excuse to not run when it’s raining outside…

UPDATE: Niketown closed early for memorial day! FAIL. But I went across the street to AE to check out their activewear and found out that the guy that designs their whole aerie fit line is from Nike! Score! So I got some shorts (these, and also these which I may wear someday if I lose 20 pounds), some running socks, and this shirt which I’m not sure is quite a running shirt but at least isn’t 100% cotton… it’s sure comfortable though!

Hopeful schedule for the rest of the week:

Tues: couch-to-5k week 4.1 outdoors (forecast says no rain, yay!)
Wed: rest or wii fit yoga
Thurs: couch-to-5k week 4.2 @ the gym
Fri: rest
Sat: couch-to-5k week 4.3 outdoors (possible rain… ughh)


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