Freaking Juneuary

Well, it wasn’t supposed to rain yesterday, but guess what! IT DID. So I was stuck inside again, unable to run… or should I say unwilling, I guess I’m always ABLE.  I suppose it works out better since I’m supposed to take a day off between couch-to-5k runs, but it was supposed to pour today, so if I can’t get a run in  today I’m going to be off-schedule, which frustrates me because I want to PROGRESS, not sit around barely maintaining a status quo.

I couldn’t do my Wii Fit Yoga yesterday, either, as my lil bro was hogging my Wii, playing some online game with our cousin. So, my “workout hour” between the time I get home and WoW raid time at 7pm was totally wasted. (Before you get on me about priorities, I only raid twice a week – Tues and Wed.)

Hopefully it won’t be raining tonight (gah what is WITH the weather up here this year, I hear we’re #4 nationally for cities that haven’t yet had a 75-degree-day in 2010) and I can get outside and run. I just got my jogger’s pepper spray in the mail yesterday (which I actually thought was my running headphones so I was kind of bummed when I opened the package) so at least I can feel slightly better about running around the neighborhood. I really really want to get more consistent and get rolling on this plan, I feel like my progress is so slow and running 3.1 miles continuously still seems like a loooong way off.

Readjusted schedule for this week:

-Wed (today): couch-to-5k 4.1 outside if it’s not raining, otherwise wii fit yoga if my bro isn’t hogging the wii
-Thurs: couch -to-5k 4.2 at the gym (finally a structured workout!)
-Fri: normally a rest day, I have bible study at 7pm so I’m usually not wanting to work out and go to study all sweaty and gross, but I might have to..
-Sat: couch-to-5k 4.3 outside if not raining, will bus down to the gym if it is.

The weather is not looking like it will play nice


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