Couch-to-5k week 4.1: blarrghhhh

I got out and ran yesterday! The sun actually poked through the clouds and there was a nice wind blowing, so it made for decent running weather. I plowed ahead with the first run of couch-to-5k week 4 and brought my cellphone along (which I held in a death grip the whole time) to time myself, which I hadn’t been doing all last week. I kind of discovered I’ve been cutting my runs a little short by just “guessing…”

The week 4 workouts go like this: brisk warmup walk for 5 min, then run 3 min, walk 2 min, run 5 min, walk 2 min, run 3 min, walk 2 min, and run 5 min. I’m not sure if it was the shorting myself last week or just my general crappy fitness but by the time I hit the second 3-min running section I was pretty tired. My calves felt tight and uncomfortable and my breathing became pretty frantic and gaspy. I tried to slow myself down (I think I have a tendancey to run faster outside when I have no idea how fast I’m going… I really should get a Garmin or something) and just complete the scheduled run and not worry about the fact that I was crawling along pathetically (that’s another thing… I think I put too much pressure on myself to progress quickly and go faster, and get frustrated when my body can’t perform the way I want it to…. I probably just need to sloooooow down and just get through the program and worry about speed later, and not bother myself with thoughts of “at this rate I’ll be running a 45 min 5k”).

I’m contemplating repeating week 4 of the program next week as I really don’t feel ready to move on… of course I’ve only completed the first of 3 runs for this week,Β  but I feel like I’m making NO progress whatsoever… I haven’t lost a pound (most people lose a pound a week during couch-to-5k.. so I suppose I could be in the minority group of that statistic :P) and the running’s not getting much easier. Perhaps this is due to diet as well?

The 5-min running stretches yesterday seemed to take foreeever – I suppose it didn’t help that I kept glancing at my cellphone every 30 seconds hoping it was over (I should be getting my new headphones in the mail today though, so I can finally run with my ipod and the C25K podcast, that should help a lot!) and bemoaning I had so much longer to go. Running for 30 min straight… or an hour… just seems so crazy right now. How can I stop my legs from aching when I run? Do I just need to keep going and hope the fitness starts to improve?

I have faith… I’ll trust the program and stick with it – I was reading a thread yesterday that said you really start to see improvement after week 5 – so I at least have to make it that far!

Gym tonight for week 4, run 2… I can duuu eeet!


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