Couch-to-5k week 4.2: when does it start feeling good?

Well, I am pretty much convinced at this point that I should repeat week 4  once I’m done with it. I ran today on the dreadmill at the gym hoping for an encouraging run a la my last treadmill run last Thursday, when I felt strong and energetic and upped my speed a little bit. I started off today at the speed I left off at last week (4.7mph) but found myself gradually lowering it as the workout went on and ended at 4.4 (I did the walking at 3.7 again). My legs felt tight and annoyed and listless, like they just didn’t want to pick up and propel me forward. It feels like I’m regressing instead of progressing and unless I have a super run outside on Saturday, I think I will repeat this week, which kind of bums me out. I really want to progress and get faster – I think I need to be happy with just completing the workouts at this point.

At least the running intervals seemed to go by faster than they did yesterday, when I ran outside – I attribute that to the treadmill timer and the TV in front of my face the whole time. At least when I got home I had some packages waiting for me – my new running headphones (YAY! I can run with the podcast on Saturday!), my new Zensah sports bra (YAY!), and my ifitness running belt, woooot!

Additionally I signed up for another boot camp class on Monday the 14th, because apparently the memory of how badly my arse was kicked the first time has faded enough that I’m crazy enough to go again. A coworker also signed up for the same class, though, so that should be a little more fun!

I’m kind of wondering though – how long does it take for running to actually feel good? I keep hearing about the “zone” and the “runner’s high” and the feeling that you could just go on forever – yeah, totally not there, for me it’s more the feeling that I’ve already been running forever after only 2 minutes. Maybe I need to drop some weight first? Maybe I need to get some decent mileage built up?

The weird thing is, though, even after a discouraging workout, after I’ve cooled off and am sitting in front of my computer, the desire to keep going comes right back – along with the delusion that I actually enjoyed myself. I think it’s memories of being a kid, running endlessly, no stress or pain, just enjoying the feeling of skimming over the ground and the wind in my face. I’d love to get back there again.


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