Couch-to-5k week 4.3: sloooooow

I completed the run outside today (with ipod and C25K podcast in tow!) and it was slooooooow. SLOOOOW. I felt like I was literally dragging myself down the sidewalk. But, I got through it, and it did seem to go faster with the podcast prompts and techno music in between. But I had to seriously slow down and just chug along – I think I must have been doing about a 17 min mile pace. It was embarrassingly bad. But I keep thinking I should just be happy with doing it at this point, I shouldn’t worry that I’m the veritable tortoise getting passed by grandmas using walkers.

My legs are still achey, too – within a couple hundred meters my shins/calves will just start to ACHE. It’s not sharp shin-splinty type pain, just a dull ache that is really distracting and makes me want to walk. I try switching up my gait to make it go away but nothing really seems to work. I don’t know if it’s the shoes since they were suggested by the folks at the running store, but maybe it is? Also I have to take into consideration I’m the fattest I’ve ever been right now, so the fact that I didn’t have this kind of ache when I ran 8 years and 20+ pounds ago may be irrelevant. I guess I’ll just have to see if it goes away in the months ahead.

I felt allright by the end of the workout and stretched my legs on the living room floor in a panting heap. I can say the podcast definitely helped and I can’t WAIT to progress a little to the point where running feels good and my legs want to stretch out and go faster. That will be a great and certainly encouraging milestone to pass!


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