The strange happy lull between storms

For some reason I get this fierce, happy, optimistic outlook on my rest days. I feel like I CAN DUU EEEET and actually look forward to my next run. (This of course all but disappears within 20 seconds of my next venture.) No matter how bad or hard or tiring the run is, I somehow mentally trampoline up up and away from it and get this idea that I am actually progressing and will make it to the end.

A bunch of ladies I know from my hometown ran in the half-marathon hosted there this last Saturday. Perusing their pics on Facebook, I wanted so badly to be able to run that same HM next year. 13.1 miles! Right now I can barely run ONE! Can I do it? I sure want to! Gosh, it seems so impossible at this point, but I’m crazy enough to try. It would be so cool running a race where I grew up. At the very least, there’s also a 5k and a 10k, so those are an option if I just can’t eck out 13.1 miles. (!!)

Tentative schedule for this week:

Monday (today): couch-to-5k week 5.1 (gym) <– ack… not sure I’m ready for it
Tues: couch-to-5k week 5.2 (outdoors – the non rainy day of the week)
Wed: rest or Wii Fit yoga
Thurs: couch-to-5k week 5.3 (gym) <– the 20-min-run day, AUGH
Fri: rest
Sat: supposed to be nice so I might repeat one of this week’s days outdoors if I feel up to it.


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