Couch-to-5k week 5.2: slogging through it

One more day down! Today was the walk 5 min, run 8 min, walk 5 min, run 8 min, walk 5 min workout. I started the first 8 min run feeling pretty good, running at 4.9mph (not as fast as I’d like to be going, but better than I started out at for sure). Toward the end of the 1st 8 min I started to feel that not-hurty-but-kinda-uncomfortable feeling of effort, and was surprised when I reached up to push my bangs out of my eyes and my forehead was slicked with sweat… eww, haha.

Somehow when the interim 5min of walking started I reset the treadmill timers (bahhh) so I lost my average pace and distance. I know it shouldn’t really matter at this point – the whole idea is to finish the couch-to-5k program, not worry about how fast I’m running yet – but I really, really want to get faster and reach the point of a 10-min-mile pace. 4.9mph is right around a 12:30ish pace if I remember right and that just seems embarassingly sloooooow.

The 5 min of walking was somewhat refreshing and I kicked into the second 8 min run at the same 4.9 mph speed. Most of this run gave me that crawly uncomfortable effort feeling, like I WANTED to slow down and walk, but knew I had no good reason to. My breath was a little more labored than Monday’s run but my legs didn’t feel toooo bad, just that weird efforty feeling, which I guess is a good thing.

When the podcast announced the final minute I pushed the speed up to 5.0 mph again (wee, a 12min mile pace :P) and tried to finish strong. I felt ok but wasn’t sure how long I would be able to hold that kind of pace with the constant desire to walk poking at the back of my mind. Carrying it on for 3 miles still seems pretty far off… how do people maintain those 8 and 9 min paces? Right now it’s mystifying!

Afterward I stretched and noticed my left inner hamstring was twinging a little bit. As I walked back to the locker room it made its presence known as my knee flexed with my steps. It’s not a pain at this point, just a little ache, so hopefully the day off tomorrow will give it a chance to recover and I can still do my 20 min run (aiee!!) on Saturday. I’ll just try not to push the pace like I was doing today >_>

So.. coming up on Saturday, I have the last workout of week 5! The 20 min run.. crap, it’s going to be challenging.. and I’ll be running it outside, so I’ll have to remember to take my time and take it slow and just get through it. I can duuu eeet!

On one slightly annoying note I still haven’t lost any weight (in fact, according to Wii Fit when I did some yoga yesterday, I gained a pound and a half…) I heard that most people lost around a pound a week while doing couch to 5k, so ugh. What’s wrong with you, body? I know the dreaded inevitable conclusion to this…. I have to start counting calories and make sure I’m burning off more than I’m putting down the hatch. Gah. I was hoping just adding running to my life would automatically change some things in the fat department, but I guess I need to put in a little more effort.

It doesn’t help that I chugged THREE starbux coffees today (2 were nonfat!)… I blame bad merger news at work and a coworker who drags me with him every time he goes. Aside from that I had:

a banana, a starbux whole wheat wrap thing, a handful of almonds, water, half an organic orange pop, baby spinach with balsalmic dressing, and some brown rice. oh and cran-apple juice, which is the best juice ever, I promise you.

SOooooo yeah I will likely need to change things up with the diet. I don’t eat much straight up junk or candy anymore, at least… but I need to watch those calories a lil closer. :(


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