Breaking the habit

There’s a giant wall in the way of me actually losing weight and I think I’ve discovered what it is. It’s my beloved COFFEE

Every weekday, in the morning, my bus drops me off downtown right in front of a Starbucks. (I live in Seattle so this is a pretty common thing I think.) I wander in and they have my drink going when they see me coming – a grande no-whip white chocolate mocha.

Look at the nutritional info for that baby (click the link above). Holy carp! Can I at least cheer about the 15g of protein?

About an hour after I get to work my buddy Garrett drags me across the street to another starbucks where I usually get a tall nonfat caramel macchiato. This one clocks in a little better with far less calories and fat, and still 8g of protein.

I’m thinking the obvious solution is I’m going to have to stop going to the starbucks near my bus stop and start forgoing my delicious white mochas if I expect to make any headway on this whole weight loss thing. Running alone isn’t going to counter the daily dose of fat I get from those babies. As much as I hate to give it up I think I’ll try going without it for a month and see if there’s a marked difference in the numbers on the scale.

*sniff* I’ll miss you, tasty white mochas…..


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