Couch-to-5k week 5.3: stupid ipod

I ventured outside for the final run of week 5 today – the dreaded 20-min-straight of running. I’ve been using the C25K podcast which has helped me immensly most of the time. It was fairly warm outside and I forgot to drink much before I went out to run, which is probably why I have the beginnings of a headache as I sit here and write this now.

But it started out ok – I walked briskly for the 5 min warmup and launched into the run trying to take it easy and not go out too fast. My shins began vaguely burning almost immediately, which was somewhat disheartening, but the hamstring twinge seemed to be gone, so I plowed onward.

The podcast for week 5 covers all three days and gives cues for each. When the end of the first 5-min run for day 1 was announced I trodded on, thinking cool, 15 more min for me. The end of the first 8-min run for day 2 was called. Nice, 12 more min for me. The podcast announced the halfway point of the 20 min run as I began slogging up a slight gradual incline (WHY do even the tiniest hills feel so awful when you’re running), passing a park full of kids and a swimming pool that looked seriously tempting. I passed dads with strollers and old folks out for walks as day 2 was told to start the 2nd 8 min run. That meantย  7 more minutes for me!

It was shortly after that, as I rounded a corner to go down a lovely-looking downhill, that my ipod flipped out and rebooted itself suddenly, silencing the podcast to my disbelieving ears. At first I thought the batteries had died but it restarted itself and sat happily at its opening screen, taunting me.

GAH! Without the podcast I had no idea how much longer I had to run or even how to gauge the remaining distance. Disheartened, I ran the rest of the way back to my house feeling suddenly much more tired and worn down. I skipped the cooldown walk and just plopped on my living room floor to stretch.

So I’m not sure if I made the entire 20-min run but I kind of doubt it. I probably got a good 17 or 18 min in, though. The fact that I hadn’t drank much water (or really eaten much) all day made me figure it probably wasn’t a terrible thing for me to get out of the heat. There will be more straight running days in the future and hopefully this didn’t impede my progress too much. I can say that it’s farther than I’ve ran before, though!

So… a bit of a bummer overall. My ipod has never crapped out on me like that before so hopefully that was just a one-time fluke and not the beginning of a crappy trend.

Next week…. week 6! 2 days of varied walk/running and then a 25-min walk at the end…. and after that, the final 3 weeks of C25K are allll running… aiee! After today I don’t really feel ready… but I’m just going to go for it.. and maybe try to do more on my off days than just sit around on my butt doing nothing. Monday I do have another session of butt-kicking bootcamp with a local gym so that should be interesting…

After C25K is over I will do a week of just running 30 min a day, I think, and then start Hal Higdon’s 8-week beginner’s 10k program, which should take me right up to my first scheduled 5k race on Sept 12, the Aflac Iron Girl 5k…. aieeeee!

So, my hopeful schedule for next week…

Sun: rest or wii fit yoga
Mon: boot camp @ 6:30 outdoors…
Tues: couch-to-5k week 6.1 (walk 5, run 5, walk 3, run 8, walk 3, run 5, walk 5) outdoors (may swap with Wed if I’m too sore from bootcamp)
Wed: wii fit yoga or strength
Thurs: couch-to-5k week 6.2 (walk 5, run 10, walk 3, run 10, walk 5) @ the gym
Fri: rest
Sat: couch-to-5k week 6.3 (walk 5, run 25, walk 5) outdoors


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