I’m crazy

I signed up for another race. now I have 3 on my calendar for the year ahead, looming and taunting me. I figured it was the best kind of motivation – with actual races scheduled, that I PAID for, I’m far more likely to keep up the training and running than if I didn’t have anything coming up.

The first two are 5ks – the Aflac Iron Girl 5k on Sept 12 and the Seattle Marathon 5k on Nov 27. The third one, though…

It’s the freaking NODM HALF-MARATHON next June 5th! o_O

13.1 miles! I mean yeah, it’s a year away, but crap! 13.1 miles! I can’t even run a continuous two yet! (I have C25K week 5 run 3 coming up later today, the 20-min run, but I don’t quite run at a 10 min mile pace yet :P)

I have plenty of time to prepare, but yowza… it’s gonna be crazy. Like I think I am.


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