Bootcamp #2 down… oh the soreness

Ow! my arms! Ow! my back! Ow! my abs!

Yes I once again had the pleasure of getting my arse kicked via bootcamp at a local gym; this time around class took place out in a park instead of in the studio. The instructor had  us run up this giant grassy hill and hoo boy did it reveal that my cardio fitness is not as OK as I thought it was… the legs burned a little too but my lungs actually got to the point of hurty. Running back down the huge hill wasn’t as bad but I was panting pretty hard by the time we returned to the instructor. After that it was a lot of pushups, exercise band stretches, planks, crunches, dips, and all matter of mostly ab and arm work interspersed with brief sprints to a building in the park and back. An hour’s worth of that and I am one sore puffball today. I did notice that most of the running we had to do felt pretty nice and relieving  (compared to the hardcore ab and arm work) which I think I can attribute to C25K!

I have one more bootcamp class voucher to use, so I might wait a few weeks and go again, after my poor baby muscles have had time to rebuild themselves…

This is also day TWO of no white chocolate mochas in the morning… ugh it does definitely make a difference in my energy level and alertness… I just have to remind myself how much less fat I’m inhaling every day! (I miss you, happy fat drink…)

Tonight I’m gonna try to hit the street for run 1 of week 6 of Couch-to-5k and hopefully beat the rain to the punch. The first 2 days of week 6 are back to run/walking which I’m looking forward to. After that, though… it’s all pure running till the end, gulp.

So tonight I’ll be doing: warmup walk 5, run 5, walk 3, run 8, walk 3, run 5, cooldown walk 5.


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