Couch-to-5k week 6.1: the shins of burningness

C25K week 6 started off with a long, slow burn. I am pretty positive I have shin splints at this point, as my shins started burning within 20 feet or so of my run and scarcely stopped throughout. The right one was worse and it complained up at me even when I slowed for the walking sections of the schedule. (week 6 day 1 is the run 5 min, walk 3 min, run 8 min, walk 3 min, run 5 min series)

My shins hurt to the extent that they pretty much distracted me from everything else during my runs. My lungs felt pretty good, and everything else felt pretty good, but I kept wanting to stop just on account of my shins – they consumed my mind. About halfway through the 8 minute run the pain eased off to the point where I wasn’t thinking about them constantly, but I wasn’t really sure if I should keep running through the burning pain or stop – I don’t know if that makes them way worse or not. I tried to go slooow and be as light on my feet as I could and just get through it.. I’m not sure what to do though, should I take a few extra days off before picking up with C25K 6.2?

At least I didn’t feel my shins once I had stretched out after the work and was gimping around the house (still sore from bootcamp yesterday). The fact that they don’t burnnnn all the time makes me a little encouraged, but I wonder if I should do anything special to help them go away. I know if they get REALLY bad you can get some crappy complications and I don’t want to take it that far >.<

Assuming my shins feel a little better, the rest of my week should go like so:

Wed: wii fit yoga
Thurs: C25K week 6.2 @ the gym
Fri: rest
Sat: C25K week 6.3 outdoors (25 min of running… crap)

At this point I’m kind of kicking myself for jumping the gun and signing up for that half marathon next year… what was I thinking?!


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