Couch-to-5k week 6.2: heated yoga and treadmills

So after my burntastic shin experience during my run on Tuesday I was a little hesitant to plow ahead with the rest of C25K this week, but I looked up some shin splint info and  exercises online (and also found this nifty thread on the Runner’s World forums) and started doing a ton of toe raises at my desks (both home and work). I felt like I was tapping my feet to some crazy pumped up techno beat and I could definitely feel the work going on in my shins, but they did seem to feel normal and didn’t give me any issues yesterday.

So today after work I had planned to stroll up to the gym and do C25K week 6 run 2 on the treadmill when a coworker let me know they were planning to go to the 60 min heated yoga class at the same gym. Since it’s free with my membership and I’ve been doing a bit of wii fit yoga I figured hey, why not.

The class was in a heated yoga room that got up to about 85 degrees. Sweat dripped down my legs in rivulets as I tried to keep up with the teacher, who rattled off the names of poses I didn’t know and flowed from pose to pose fairly non-stop. By the end of the 60 minutes I felt totally relaxed and stretched out and decided to go ahead with my treadmill run.

So I hopped on the dreadmill, fired up the podcast, and started briskly walking for the first 5 minute warmup. I noticed right away that I wasn’t feeling anything in my shins at ALL (as opposed to Tuesday, when they started burning right away). I started the first 10-minute run and aside from feeling a little uncomfortable in general (which is still typically how I feel when I run) my legs felt FINE. No pain! No burning fiery shins of death! I tried to take it easy and focus on keeping my arms and shoulders relaxed and my back straight (I have this hunching-forward habit from sitting at desks so much) and kept the speed to 4.5mph. Toward the end of the first 10 minutes I had settled into a bit of a groove and actually felt like I was breaking it when the podcast told me to slow to my 3 min walk.

But walk I did, and the shins still felt great, woohoo! Even after starting into the 2nd 10 min run (sadly, I did lose the groove and felt kind of awkwardly uncomfortable for most of the 2nd run) there was nary a twinge or spark from the shins. I finished up feeling pretty good and stretched out for a few minutes before heading home.

I’m not sure if I can attribute my pain-free shins to the 60 min of heated yoga before I ran, or the toe-raising exercises I’ve been doing, or the fact that I ran today on a treadmill instead of on concrete, but whatever the reason, I’ll take it!

Next up on Saturday: couch to 5k week 6 run 3… a straight 25 min, ushering in the remaining 3 weeks of C25K, which are ALL running! hoo boy! o_O


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