Couch-to-5k week 6.3: not too shabby

Woohoo! I completed my first 25-minute run of C25K today outside in my neighborhood. As a side note, I think I need to start plotting out some alternate routes, cause I’m getting pretty bored with my current one.

But the run was fine, my shins didn’t hurt aside from the occasional brief ache (yay!) and while I felt kind of tired, I made it the whole distance without ever feeling totally fatigued and just wanting to stop and die! I tried to focus on my form – shoulders back and down, hands and arms relaxed and not swinging wildly, pelvis straight, stomach sucked in. I also tried altering my gait a bit and focusing on extending out behind me – letting my feet recoil and pushing off my toes a little bit at the end of each step, so each foot spent less time on the ground overall and my steps were a bit lighter and less STOMP STOMP in general. That also seemed to help with leg fatigue and I did notice it working my thighs a bit more.

I’m still horribly slow… but I have to keep reminding myself that just getting through the scheduled run is what’s important at this point; speed can come later and I have a long time until my first 5k (Sept 12!) – by then I should have more endurance and naturally be a little faster as well.

But, it felt good and encouraging to finish the 25 min, I’m not sore at all and the shins feel great… hopefully it’s all improvement from here!

Side note: still no weight loss or substantial difference in how I look to report, but hopefully I’ll start seeing a little more muscle definition in the legs and some body changes by the end of C25K!


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