Couch-to-5k week 7.1: what is with this urge to stop

I finished up week 7 run 1 (a continuous 25 min run) at the gym today, traveling at varying speeds between 4.3 and 4.6mph. I felt fairly good most of the time but could never quite get “comfortable” or into a groove – there was always this naggling temptation to slow down and walk in the back of my head, even though I had no real good reason to. My legs felt a little tired but no shin pain again, yay! Hopefully I defeated the evil shin splint monster for good.

But I did finish the run in spite of the temptation to walk, starting straight off into space on the treadmill with the C25K podcast techno blaring in my ears. It was a little harder to find a comfortable stride than it was last time I ran on the treadmill, which kind of lent to the general unsettled feeling, I think. By the time the last 5 min hit I just wanted it to be over but I pushed a little bit in the final minute before heading off to the mats to stretch.

When I arrived at home I got all excited about making another delicious smoothie only to discover (after putting frozen berries, milk, and yogurt in the blender) that I had no bananas… booo! So I added a little more milk and some spinach, and though it wasn’t as tasty as I was hoping it was still pretty refreshing. I also ate some honey mustard chicken which was AWESOME!

I was home over the weekend for Father’s Day and my mom said it looked like I’d lost weight, which is funny ’cause I HAVEN’T, but it made me think of that scene in “Knocked Up” where they’re telling her she just needs to “tighten”… maybe I’m starting to tighten, haha. (I can only hope >_>)

Up next for this week:

Tues: Wii fit yoga or rest
Wed: Rest or Wii fit yoga
Thurs: C25K week 7.2 @ the gym
Fri: Rest
Sat: C25K week 7.3 outside (supposed to be nice! maybe it will actually hit 75 degrees up here for the FIRST TIME THIS YEAR >_<)


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