Musings on weight

One curious non-side effect of the last 7 weeks I’ve been doing Couch-to-5k is the weight loss – or lack thereof. When first reading up on C25K I read all kinds of comments about the quick effect it had on bodies, on pound-per-week losses people were experiencing (and one blogger who lost 9 pounds by week 6!) wheras I started out at 166, and I still sit around 166 (with a pound or 2 of water fluctuation).

Tally it up – that’s about 7 weeks of running and ZERO weight loss.

It’s not like I’ve been eating total crap junk food, either – I’ve been more conscious of what I put in my mouth and cut out pop, alcohol, candy, white bread, and the like, and started eating whole wheat, more fruit and spinach, and “healthy” snacks, plus bottles of water (well… I didn’t EAT the bottles of water but you know what I mean ;D). I guess I figured that with a moderately improved diet and sudden regular exercise, I would naturally shed weight just from those two lifestyle changes alone.

Apparently it’s not that easy. I’ve heard over and over on the Runner’s World forums that you exercise for fitness, and you diet for weight loss. That seems to be proving true and I guess I will need to actually start counting calories and portions if I truly want to make a difference on the scale. But at least I’m getting more fit along the way!

I have a date with my Wii Fit scale tonight so we’ll see if it notices anything different and/or clocks my BMI in the embarressing “Overweight” category still.

The numbers themselves are not even that important to me – if I could tone up and get in shape and be healthy and still weighed 166, that would be fine with me – but I know fitness is going to be measured in some small aspect by the numbers on the scale, and I’m just not seeing it yet!


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