Couch-to-5k week 7.2: neither good nor bad

Welllll I completed this run yesterday afternoon on the dreadmill at the gym. Overall I would say my legs felt pretty good but my breathing seemed to be a bit out of whack (like I couldn’t take enough air in fast enough) which may be an indication of my crappy cardiovascular fitness. I ran most of the 25 minutes at 4.5mph; I slowed to 4.4mph for a brief while (I think it’s more mental than anything… that .1mph doesn’t make THAT big a difference) and finished out at 4.7mph for the last 2 min or so. About halfway through my run a girl hopped on the treadmill next to me and started running and while I couldn’t see how fast she was going, I noticed she was taking a LOT more steps than I was – in the sense that they were quicker and her feet were hitting the ground far more often. I tried to pick up my cadence and take shorter, quicker steps, which I’m not sure did much for me… is that something I really need to worry about at this point?

All through the run I had that constant urge to slow down. Again I have no real reason to, my legs felt fine and my breathing, while weird, was managable – I think it’s more my body isn’t used to exercise, haha, and is like “Hey stupid, why are you running? There’s no reason to run! Go ahead, slow down, go eat a Krispy Kreme!” so I have to fight my natural tendancies to be lazy.

I think I actually need to start doing things on my day off other than sitting around on my arse playing WoW… especially if I want to increase my strength and eventually run a 5k under 40 minutes, haha.


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