Couch-to-5k week 7.3: remind me not to run in the middle of the day

Phewwww! As I sit here I’m still cooling off from this run. I went out around 2pm and it was waaaarm and sunny, and on top of that I switched up my routes a little bit to stave off some boredom, but neglected to check out the elevation changes in my new plan, and while the out-and-back I mapped out had some nice scenery, it was HILLY. Lots of looong gradual hills. On the way out I noticed I was running downhill most of the time and realized it was going to suck arse for me on the way home… and oh yes, it did. In the last 5-10 minutes or so of the run I was just dying and wanted to stop and walk sooo badly, but I kept going at my snail pace, one foot in front of the other, telling myself how lame I would feel if I stopped, and how awesome I would feel if I completed it, and asking myself how I would ever progress if I wussed out. But finish it I did, even though I hit the 5-min cooldown walk point of the podcast far before the point I had started running on the way out, so I had to walk longer back to my house, but it was all good.

Not sure if it was the hills or what, but this run was different from prior runs in that it was my lungs/breathing that seemed to complain first and loudest during the run. Usually it was my legs giving out and screaming up at me while my lungs trucked along just fine, but this time I seemed to be kind of gaspy and huffy-puffy and side-stitchy. I think I can emphatically blame my hilly new course… I might not return to it for awhile >_>

Today was also the rock & roll Seattle marathon/half and earlier today I watched the online webcam of people crossing the finish line, which was pretty awesome… I have so much more respect for these folks now, especially the slower ones at the back of the pack, crossing the line around 6 hours… that’s a loooooot of time on your feet! I thought about signing up for the RNR half next year (there’s an online video of the course and it didn’t look too bad!) but remembered that I’ve already signed up for the NODM half next year, which is June 5… is 20 days too short between half marathons? (Also the RnR Seattle HALF is over $100 after fees which is pretty freakin pricey for a half marathon! All the reviews I’m reading from people who ran it suggest it is awesome, though!)

In other news I think I may have actually lost 2 pounds… my morning and evening weigh-ins both seem to be consistently 2 pounds down over the last week… wooohoooo! (guess I can start regretting all that teriyaki and other crap food I ate this week thinking my diet wasn’t making a difference anyway)


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