the run that wasn’t

I was scheduled to do C25K week 8 run 1 (week 8?!) today at the gym but had some friends from out of town staying with me, so we went out to sushi instead… which was awesome! what’s an extra rest day when there’s friends involved? ;) My friend Maureen became the recipient of my neon Adidas marathon running shoes and I talked up C25K to her, so hopefully she’ll start it and we can maybe run together someday.

So, I will probably end up trying to squeeze the run in tomorrow after I get home from work and before my raid at 7pm… (I know, I know… NERD)

Hopeful schedule this week:

Tues: Couch-to-5k week 8.1 (28 min run) outdoors
Wed: rest or wii fit yoga
Thurs: Couch-to-5k week 8.2 (28 min run) @ the gym
Fri: rest (cousin’s wedding!)
Sat: Couch-to-5k week 8.3 (28 min run) outdoors

Holy crap, next week will be the final week of C25K (week 9)… in ways I don’t feel like I’ve come very far, but I also remember how daunting it seemed to even run 5 minutes at a time… so progress is being made… albeit slowly!


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