Couch-to-5k week 8.1: feelin pretty good

The first of three 28-minute runs! It went fairly well overall; at no point did I feel completely fatigued or like keeling over and dying, heh. I returned to my original boring neighborhood circle route that doesn’t have a lot of uphill but does have a fairly steep downhill section. In prior runs I was always to my cooldown walk by the time I hit the downhill, but today I was still chugging along in my run, and I think I may have tweaked my knee a little bit stomping my way down the hill. (How DO you run downhill without annoying your knees? And is it safe to keep training on a slightly tweaky knee?)

Aside from that though, I felt pretty good most of the time and even fell into a rhythm through the middle portion of the run, just feeling like I was gliding along easily (and still slowly). I also realized talking small, quick steps is a better way to speed up than increasing my strides and stretching out more.

It’s nice to feel some progress and like it’s finally getting a little easier. My breathing is still sometimes an issue but my legs definitely have improved for the most part. I wonder if they’ve slimmed down at all yet? It’s still kind of hard to tell. Maybe as it gets easier I should start trying to run faster, too, but I think that can wait till I’m on my next running plan – Hal Higdon’s 10k beginner’s plan, which I plan to start a week after C25K is over (so that it takes me directly up to my first 5k race Sept 12… aieeee!)

I stretched as well as I could and “iced” my knee with a bag of frozen Edamame for an hour or so just to try to stave off any potential pain/stiffness. it doesn’t hurt so much right now but I’m afraid that might change by the time I wake up tomorrow….

Oh, and I’ve decided I need one of these… I think that would be awesomeness!


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