Couch-to-5k week 8.2: not as awesome

I hit up the gym after work to bang out this run on the dreaded treadmill. I’m noticing a trend where my runs actually seem HARDER on a treadmill as opposed to outside, which I think is because I run slower outside and adjust my pace based on how tired I am, but on the treadmill I try to force myself to stay at a certain speed. I did most of the 28-minute run at 4.6 and 4.5 mph and ran the last minute at 5mph (weee I know). Overall it didn’t feel as good as my last run on Monday but I wasn’t completely exhausted and wanting to die, either. I really just want to get to the point where I get comfortable and can cruise…

Kind of worried that I’m not stretching my legs out enough as I run, i.e. not engaging all my muscles. I’ve been trying to take shorter, quicker steps and kick my legs up behind me more than step out further in front. I kind of felt stompy though on the treadmill and I don’t really know if my form is good or bad… I don’t want to fall into bad habits before they’re hard to break, though!

Got 2 Runner’s World issues in the mail today (July and August on the same day >.>) and poured over the half-marathon training tips. At this point, reading the complicated weekly training plans makes my eyes glaze over.. but again it’s probably something I don’t need to worry much about yet, right?

Ordered an exercise band and a foam roller today! Heard lots of awesome things about rollers so can’t wait to try it out.

Off to shower and then bed…


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