Couch-to-5k week 8.3: one more week to go

Woooo! Just one more week of C25K left. I feel both accomplished and entirely un-progressed, heh. When I look back a few weeks and how scared I was to run 30 min straight without walking, I realize that I HAVE made progression, but even though I’m running a full 28 minutes now, I’m still running so sloooooooooooow it’s frustrating.

Today my shins were back to aching a little bit but it was nowhere near the burning shins of fire I had a few weeks ago, and the ache seemed to subside through the 2nd half of the run. I was pretty tired compared to last week’s run but I realized 1.) I hadn’t eaten much today, 2.) I hadn’t really hydrated either, and 3.) (TMI for the dudes look away now) I started my uh… monthly girl time today, which probably led to some of the tiredness. But I completed it! 8 weeks of C25K down and just one more week before I’m a graduate!

I wish I knew how to pick up speed without getting tired. Maybe that comes as I increase distance, or lose weight (which I still need to do a lot of… I’m down about 2 or 3 pounds on the scale since I started, but that’s pretty paltry considering how much I still need to lose). I know I just need to keep on truckin’, one foot in front of the other, and maybe someday running 6 miles will be just like running the 2.75 or whatever I’m running right now.

As the holiday is coming up I probably won’t get the chance to do the first run of week 9 (30 minutes! o_O) until Tuesday… so have a great 4th and I shall blog again next week!


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