Couch-to-5k week 9.1: got to admit it’s getting better

“…a little better, all the time…”

This was my first run since Saturday and I was expecting a little stiffness or lack of energy, but decided to plow ahead and try running at 5mph consistently for the first time in C25K. I worked my arms as much as I could, trying to keep my steps quick and light, and the first 15 min or so of the 30 minute run actually went fairly well – no pain, no issues, just chugging along. After about the halfway mark, though, I started to get a side stitch and began to feel the effort a little more in my legs. I tried to focus on my arms, and the TV on the treadmill and just putting one foot in front of the other, but did end up having to slow the treadmill down a little bit in the last 10 minutes, to about 4.8mph. When the podcast called out the final minute I sped back up to 5mph and tried to finish somewhat strong.

I stretched afterward and could definitely feel the results of effort in my knees. It wasn’t a pain per se but felt like it COULD be a pain eventually. I may have to look into knee strengthening exercises. I did order a foam roller and an exercise resistance band so hopefully there’s some stretches or moves I can do for my knees with those. On the plus side, I still haven’t had a recurrence of shin splints!

Back in the locker room at the gym I glanced in the mirror and my face was flushed and red from effort. I guess that’s a good thing! The heat outside hit me like a damp wall as I walked toward the bus stop (90 degrees in Seattle is unusual!), hoping that I wasn’t completely stinky and gross to the folks around me >_>

I’m hoping to go back to the gym tomorrow (supposed to be another 90 degree day… aiee!) so I’ll take it a little easier as I don’t usually run 2 days in a row. Then I should be able to wrap up C25K on Saturday with the final 30-min run! :O

After it’s over I’m planning to start up a modified (for my schedule) version of Hal Higdon’s 10k training plan for beginners, which should take me up to my first race… the Aflac Iron Girl 5k on Sept 12! o_O

One final note: I still haven’t lost much weight… maybe 2 or 3 pounds over the course of C25K. I need to find a healthy runner’s diet that will work for me…


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