Couch-to-5k week 9.3: program complete!!

Wow! I’ve finished C25K. And I’m still as fat as ever, haha. Well, mostly.

It was a blistering-muggy-surface-of-the-sun kind of day here today so I waited until about 8:30pm to hit the streets, when the sun was low and lazy in the sky and a dim dusk was beginning to settle. My run started out a little stiff but I chugged along mostly effortlessly. I was wearing different pants today – my knee-length leggings instead of my loose fatty New Balance capris, and while I was initially nervous about flashing my flabby bum and legs to the world, I got over it pretty fast when I realized how much more comfortable the leggings were to run in.

I chugged along pretty easily,Β  trying to focus on my keeping my arms relaxed and low (and not doing that limp-wristed runner thing I see so many people doing) and keeping my strides quick, which is always a little harder for me to do when running outside for some reason, I always want to settle into a slower kind of gait.

When the podcast called out the halfway point of my run I was still feeling pretty good, and shortly after that I felt almost like I was on fresh legs, just kind of floating along in a decent comfort zone. This didn’t last as long as I would have liked and as I looped down the block to start heading back toward my house the tiredness kicked in a bit. But it was nowhere near the “uggghhh I want to stop and walk RIGHT NOW” feeling I’ve had on past runs; though I was tired I felt like I could keep chugging, and I did. When the final minute was called I kicked on and tried to finish strong and even had the brief feeling for moment that I wasn’t going fast enough, so I tried to push even more. When the cooldown walk was announced I slowed down feeling much better than normal and didn’t have to wheeze and pant my way through the first minute of the walk – so it almost seemed like I should have been running faster.

Afterward I stretched andΒ  rolled a bit on the foam roller and felt pretty good about my potential to improve even more. I’d still love to get faster and be able to run longer at a quicker pace… maybe that will come in time.

Regardless, I’m now a C25K graduate…. YAY!

I think I’ll start the HH 10k program (modified slightly for my schedule) tomorrow… so next week should look like this:

Sun: stretch & strength
Mon: 2.5 mile run
Tues: 30 min cross (maybe wii fit yoga or elliptical)
Wed: 40 min cross (see above)
Thurs: 2 mile run + strength training
Fri: rest
Sat: 3 mile run

Here’s my full amended 10k training plan (click for the fullsize version):

based on Hal Higdon's beginner plan


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