Evening run

Woo! I just beat the sundown and got in a decent 30-min run to my own music (yaaaay!) out and about in the neighborhood. The run was just slightly easier than last time and I’m beginning to sense that I am in fact ready to run farther and/or faster, which I totally would if 1.) I didn’t tire so fast and 2.) I had confidence I’d be able to hold that speed for the whole workout without my lungs wanting to burst out of my chest. But just playing it safe and easy won’t get me anywhere, either!

On the way back home I saw a guy walking his dog just kind of stopped in the middle of the sidewalk ahead of me; I slowed as I approached and he said “that’s a RAT,” gesturing at the sidewalk. I saw a little gray rat curled up in a ball ahead of him and stepped a wide path around it gingerly. It was almost kind of cute, but I don’t know what that dude was doing with his dog just standing there staring at it…

Overall I never felt at any point like I wanted to crawl off to the side of the road and die; my lungs felt pretty good and my legs stayed on (as opposed to burning off midway through the run haha), and nothing really seemed to bother me. I didn’t have the podcast cues to tell me my last minute but I tried to pick up the pace for the final song in my playlist.

Once I start the actual 10k training plan next week I’m gonna need to figure out exactly how long I’m running, since at that point it will be for distance rather than time… I’m plotting things out via mapmyrun.com but having a Garmin or something like that would really help with the next phase of my “training;” I could just take off without really worrying about plotting a course, and just engage (:P) and watch the Garmin for my distance.

Since I don’t have $150-200 extra bucks burning a hole in my pocket I may have to go with the mapmyrun method for awhile… but I would like to get a Garmin eventually, maybe some point before my first race!


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