C25K complete… net weight loss: 3 or 4 pounds. Boooooo. (Starting weight: 166, current weight: about 162)

I think I honestly thought running 3 times a week would have a bigger impact on my weight than it did, since I started basically from “completely sedentary.” I’m a little surprised that I haven’t dropped more excess fluff. I’ve been trying to eat healthier overall, drink more water, and cut out most HFCS and as much fat as I could find. Maybe the true results won’t start until I’m truly exercising 6 days a week instead of 3?

I had a 30 minute run planned today at the gym (decided to do one more week of 30 min runs before diving into my modified Hal Higdon 10k plan, so that the plan takes me right up to my first 5k race) but I left my keys (with gym swipey card attached) at home…. argh! My roommate might be bringing them downtown with him when he goes to work (if he remembers) so I will try to run and pick those up at lunchtime… ugh so annoying!

At least now that I’m done with C25K I can listen to my own music while running (I made a bunch of 30-min playlists sandwiched with the same songs for warmup and cooldown) so I’m kind of looking forward to that! Not that I totally minded the mindless podcast techno, but it will be cool to get pumped up to my own tunes…


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