What is this strange feeling?

My calves are sore today, like twinging, I went snowboarding or hiked for 3 miles or maybe ran without warming up sore. Because, you know, I did. Run without warming up, the last time out.

I actually didn’t think it would matter! Up until my most recent run I had been following the C25K podcast, which puts 5 minutes of a brisk warmup walk at the beginning of every session. Monday, my first run without it, I said a big “psshhhhh” to the warmup walk and turned on my own tunes and jumped into the run without walking beforehand. I didn’t really notice anything different until yesterday, and today is even more noticable… my calves are sore! I even stretched after the run like I have been doing, so it’s extra weird to me!

So, le cry… it looks like I have to keep the warmup walks. Or maybe I can jog suuper slow for the first few minutes of my run until I get used to it.

My folks came to town yesterday and we went to the Mariners’ team store, and I found a baseball hat that actually fits my gigantuan melon. I may have to break it out in my first race. It doesn’t have a sweat-wicking band or anything so I might wear a sweatband underneath it to protect it from my gnarly sweaty forehead/hair, lol. But I’m stoked to have actually found a hat that I can adjust big enough to fit! (“One size fits all” is usually a huge LIE hahah)


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