I need some new routes

I had an ok 30-min run Wednesday night (still running for time instead of distance… but that will all change next week!), running my usual boring neighborhood route. It wasn’t as encouraging as my last 2 runs and I felt a bit more tired overall, maybe because I’ve looked at everything there is to look at along those roads and I need something new to gawk at?

I never really got the awesome “second wind” kind of surge that I got the last few times, but at the same time I wasn’t totally dead either, so I guess it’s still improvement! I still feel like I should be travelling faster but I think I haven’t been running long enough to really start doing speed work without like, snapping a leg off or something ;D heh. So, slow but steady progress overall.

I do feel a bit more confident about finishing a 5k at this point. Now it’s just a matter of finishing in under 40 minutes >_>


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