Catch-up run

I had friends in town Thurs and Fri and ended up in an unexpected WoW raid Saturday (yeaah yeahh make fun of me) so I knew I had to get out there today and run. As it had been 4 days since my last run I fully expected creakiness and/or sore legs, all of which I got in the first 7 or so minutes, but eventually I shook out the kinks and was able to settle into a slow pace.

It was likely the extra days off of being a slug (plus pretty crappy eating over the last week I must admit) but I didn’t feel too awesome. I lacked energy and had a hard time picking up my feet even in the areas of the run I usually get a little second wind. About halfway through I also started to get a little rumbling in the gut area which is never a good sign, and thought I would have to stop and walk and/or hide in the bushes, but I kept going, praying that the feeling would flee, and eventually it did.

I haven’t wanted to walk so much in a few weeks, though – I almost cut the run short but when the 2nd to last song popped up on my playlist I decided I could finish it and chugged onward. I skipped my normal “sprint for the last 2 minutes or so” and just decided to be happy with finishing today. Afterward I stretched and chugged a delicious coconut water (with pineapple!) and rolled around a bit on the foam roller (MAN my quads are tight and painful when I roll over them).

Since this was kind of a makeup run I have another run scheduled tomorrow per Hal Higdon’s 10k beginner plan, but it’s only 2.5 miles. I may just try to run it easy or swap it with one of the cross training days I have setup for Tues and Wed.

I feel good for finishing the run today though…. progress! :>

Now to get back on track with my eating…


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