So I realized this blog is kind of one giant wall of text, which obviously can get quite boring. I’m thinking maybe I will start carrying my cellphone with me and try to snap at least a photo per run to break up all the monotony. This has other useful side effects such as (lol, “such as”):

1.) Safety! who knows when you might need to call someone!

2.) making my runs more interesting as I look for noteworthy things to photograph

The only downside is that my cellphone camera is mostly full of fail and is especially bad at taking pictures on the go due to the way it focuses… most “moving” attempts I’ve tried have resulted in giant blurphotos.

I’ll give it a shot though on my run tonight (if I don’t swap it with crosstraining I have scheduled tomorrow so I’m not running 2 days in a row… I’m kinda sore today) and see how it goes!


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