Crappy 2.5 mile run

I set out for a 2.5 miler (as per the HH schedule I’m following) and it was baaaad. Not sure if it was the fact I was running at 5pm as opposed to 8pm (as I have the past few runs), making it a lot warmer outside, or the fact I didn’t “warmup walk” and just jumped right into the run (I mapped the distance on and if I walked it would have thrown the whole thing off!), or what, but after about 100 yards I was dying. My right shin burned again, my right ankle started aching too, and I was just slogging along like a dying marsupial.

I planned to go out-and-back (so turned around at a certain spot) and that was almost mentally harder than doing my old loop. knowing I had to retrace my steps all the miserable way back the way I came was pure suckage. My gut started rumbling right about the time my leg stopped burning, so I traded one uncomfortable feeling for another. On the 4 blocks or so heading back to my house I wanted to roll off the sidewalk and cease to be. Through gritted teeth I prayed for endurance and somehow made it back to my house. I skipped the cooldown walk as well (I’m sure I will payย  for that tomorrow) and just stretched on the floor, feeling pretty bummed out about the run. Maybe the next one will be better?

My schedule for the rest of the week:

Wed: 40 min crosstrain (wii fit yoga or exercise band)
Thurs: 2 mile run + strength training (at the gym)
Fri: rest
Sat: 3 mile run outside

Hopefully the rest of the week goes a little better!


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