Yes!…. nooooo!

I actually did some cross training today! I did 30 minutes of wii fit yoga and strength (and managed to break a sweat), then did some reps with the resistance band. I was feeling all awesome and accomplished until I stepped barefoot on some shards from a wine glass my roommate broke (and LEFT on the GROUND) and sliced the inner pad of my right foot up. AUGH! I don’t think the cut was very deep but it bled pretty crazily for a few minutes before I managed to neosporin and bandage it up. GAH! I’m scheduled to run and do strength training tomorrow at the gym but I”m not sure how well that will go with a big old gash in my foot… I don’t really want to bleed all over my shoes. Maybe I’ll wrap it up good and see how it looks tomorrow. Still, GAHHHH!


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