Did the 2 miles I had scheduled today at the gym on ye ole dreadmill. It actually went a lot better than expected considering 1.) how craptacular my last run was and 2.) I still have this gash on my right foot from yesterday. I cruised along pretty well at 5mph and only dialed down to 4.8 in the last .5 of a mile. In general my legs felt good, my breathing was good, I didn’t get a side stitch, and all I had to deal with was that annoying urge to walk.

Afterward I stretched, and then since I also had “strength training” scheduled today, I wandered around the gym looking for machines I recognized and spent about 20 minutes doing reps on various machines. I worked my hip adductors, quads, glutes, abs, and attempted to work my arms, wherein I discovered I am a total wuss and can barely do anything with these spindly sticks protruding from my body. I did what I could but the total amount of reps on the arms was a big FAIL. Guess that’s something I’ll have to work on!

My legs actually felt very loose and good after I left the gym… I think I’ll look forward to Thursdays during this training plan!


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