Fail run

I’d planned to do 3 miles outside today, but  FAIL – I ended up cutting it short. It was HOT out (this is what I get, I guess, for sleeping in late this morning) and I only ran 2.25 miles before cutting it short and heading back in. My legs felt good, but my breathing was getting pretty laborious and I was sweating like I had my own internal furnace burning. This is what I looked like when I got back:

how YOU doin

sweaty and red-faced with my hair stuck all over me. awesome

As I sit here I’m literally coated in a layer of sweat. Lovely! I think it’s high time for a shower.

Maybe I’ll get back out there tonight after it’s cooled off a bit and try to squeeze in another .75 miles to make my goal…. is that considered ok, or is that cheating? lol.

Oh, I also wore my compression-y shorts for the first time in public; I was pretty self-conscious at first but by the end of it I wasn’t giving a flying crap with how hot and miserable it was. They were certainly less sweat-inducing than my leggings!

Tomorrow I have a stretch-and-strength day (which will probably end up happening on the wii fit along with some resistance band work) and then I have 2.5 miles scheduled on Monday, but I should be able to do that on the treadmill after work.

Hopefully skipping/cutting down on mileage doesn’t effect me too negatively… gotta remind myself I’m only following this 10k plan to keep in shape and start increasing mileage working up to my first 5k, so not following it EXACTLY shouldn’t kill me too much.


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