Pretty good run

yay! I actually had what amounted to a good, comfortable run today. I won’t say it was EASY but I felt like I hit a zone or whatever and was able to maintain it pretty well.

My schedule called for 2 miles on the treadmill, followed by strength training. I walked for a few minutes to warm up and then launched into my run at 5mph, trying to focus on my music and on keeping my back straight and not hunching forward. I picked up my feet and just kind of settled into this good rhythm, though a couple times I over-thought what it was exactly that was giving me the good rhythm and messed it up a bit, haha. The 2 miles seemed to fly by fairly quickly and I even upped the speed to about 5.2mph by the end. This was also the first run where I didn’t feel the annoying desire to stop the entire time, wooohooo!

I walked again for a cooldown, stretched out, and then wandered around to various machines at the gym for strength training. I should probably figure out some areas I want to target and work those as opposed to just picking machines randomly based on what looks familiar, haha.

I must say I kind of wussed out and didn’t do any of my crosstraining this week.. I gotta start that if I want to really progress!

But regardless, I’m feeling pretty good today.. hope my 3mile run Saturday goes better than my last outdoor run! >.>


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