So does this mean I’m due for a bad run

Had a pretty nice 3-mile run outside today. It was a little bit cooler – in the high 60’s – and overcast, so when I headed out around 5pm it was fairly pleasant. Overall the run was pretty awesome compared to my last run outside, no leg or breathing or gut issues, only briefly got a bit of a side cramp and got a little tired toward the end, but still felt pretty good. Of course being the pessimist that I am I started assuming that a whopper of a bad run must be awaiting me next week… which could be true I guess, but why think about it now, haha! I should enjoy this good run while I can.

I’ve started to notice the slight differences in my body as well – have only lost 5ish pounds, but my legs seem to be “tightening” up, not really drastically, but enough to notice. I also don’t feel like I’m jiggling around as much when I start to run, haha.

When I got home I added up the songs I heard on my playlist while running and figured I had completed the 3 miles in about 35:30. Just another .1 miles and I would have completed the 5k distance – so I’m starting to feel better about finishing my first race in under 40 minutes!


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