HH10k week 3 day 2

Realized I kind of stopped titleing my posts by training plan after C25K ended, but this is where I’m at! Ran 2.5 miles yesterday at the gym after work in about 29:59. To quote my Dailymile tracker:

“Felt really good throughout – strangely, I have an easier time running around 5mph (12 min/mile) than I do going any slower. when I used to slow down the treadmill to “give myself a break” it would actually seem harder. Maybe 5mph is my natural pace? Anyway, felt good and bumped up the speed to 5.5mph for the last minute. it’s nice to see the improvement in how fast I’m going compared to when I started, hopefully I keep getting better!”

There was a girl on the treadmill next to me running around 6mph and I found it really hard to not match her cadence. We kept falling into step and slightly back out of step again which must have been super annoying for her, haha. I think that might have helped me continue to feel energized though, quicker/shorter steps seem to be a little easier when I’m going faster for some reason.

One thing I’ve noticed since chnaging my stride (upon starting C25K) is I feel very awkward when trying to run faster (I mean at a speed that pushes me), as if my new stride isn’t built to run fast. I almost can’t remember how I used to run; I’ve trained myself to take these midfoot, short, quick steps. When I was young and through middle school and high school I was more of a sprinter and I seem to remember pushing off more with my toes and having a lot more knee action. Maybe the entire stride needs to change when I run faster? If I start working up to a 10 min mile pace, will I need to change the way I run? Guess that’s something I can worry about later.


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