HH10k week 3 day 5

2 miles on the treadmill at the gym and some strength training. My run wasn’t as awesome as my last few runs have been , probably because 1.) I didn’t really hydrate well today or eat lunch, and 2.) I forgot my ipod, GAH! I think I also tied my right shoe too tight as it was bugging me for the first mile. In spite of it I completed the 2 miles in about 23:58 and skittered off to stretch and then about 20 minutes of strength training. Felt allright by the end but not the encouraging “YES I could run forever!” feeling I had the last few times out. Oh well!

I have 3.5 miles lined up for Saturday and I’m a little worried about where I’m gonna run it… my normal loop is about 3 miles exactly. Guess I could backtrack and loop again but that seems like it would be mentally crushing, haha. Will have to see…


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