HH10k week 3 day 7

3 miles outside yesterday afternoon. Was supposed to be 3.5 but I decided to just run 3 after about 5 minutes when I realized I was not feeling so awesome. I felt like I was struggling a bit, which I guess I was due for after 3 great runs last week, and I also hadn’t eaten too much that morning. I DEFINITELY didn’t feel like I had gone as fast as my ipod seemed to indicate when I was done!

I was listening to a Mars Hill podcast (trying something a little different than the usual tunes) and when I hit 3 miles I looked at what I thought was the elapsed time of the podcast, which read 33:30, which seemed fast to me as I was expecting to see something like 36 min (my typical 12 min/mile pace at the gym). I was even more surprised to get back inside and realize I’d read the time REMAINING in the podcast – the actual time elapsed had been only 31:30, about a 10:30/min mile! Somehow I’m reaaaally doubtful I actually ran that fast, considering how crappy and slow I felt, but either my ipod is crazy or I’m getting a lot faster than I think I am.

I also discovered I’ve lost about 10 pounds now since I started running in May. My scale is slightly wonky, but regardless of the actual poundage number, there’s 10 less of them than there were when I started. Yay!

I didn’t run on Saturday due to rain (gonna have to figure out how to beat that in the fall) so I have another 3 miles on my plate today @ the gym, which I may try to stretch to the 3.5 I didn’t do yesterday if I’m feeling good.


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